Brand New and Genuine OneStopAdidas - Adidas Online Bot


$ 199.99 $ 375.00



What this bot does:

- Add product to cart on Adidas Online Sites and complete checkout

 No refunds as this is a digital item. By purchasing, you agree to this.

Delivery = Within minutes, max of 24 hours. :)

What sites is this bot compatible on:

  • Adidas US
  • Adidas CA
  • Adidas AU
  • Adidas UK
  • Adidas BE
  • Adidas DE
  • Adidas ES
  • Adidas FR
  • Adidas IT
  • Adidas PL
  • Adidas AT
  • Adidas SE
  • Adidas NL
  • Adidas CZ
  • Adidas DK
  • Adidas MX
  • Adidas RU

...More to be added soon.


- Built-in captcha solver

- Complete credit-card autocheckout

- Smart Checkout

- Checkout failure advanced handling (can checkout manually if auto checkout fails)

- Gift Card Autocheckout option for Adidas US

- 2Captcha support (automated captcha solving)

- AntiCaptcha Support (automated captcha solving)

- Auto request captcha (automatically request captcha tokens at a set interval that you choose)

- Direct Add-To-Cart via endpoint

- Ability to cart multiple items at once

- Log into your accounts before drop

- Guest Task Capability

- Splash Mode allows you to load up to 75 proxies to get through the splash page on drops such as Yeezys or NMDs

- Built in browser for opening cart to complete checkout

- Export cart to open cart in a normal browser

- Adidas Stock Checker

- Clear and Concise Success Window

- Ability to solve captchas before drop -- and use at time of drop (Captcha Harvesting)

- Complete Proxy Support

- Proxy Manager to check the speed of your proxies

- Advanced Proxy Handling

- Submit multiple harvested tokens at once

- Advanced task management/customization

- Dynamic ATC mode *

- Run up to 30 tasks

- Ability to 'recycle' tasks so you can keep carting

- Advanced HMAC-handling capability

- Advanced Cookie Handling

- Free Updates

- Best Customer Service

- Export a cart ! Giving carts to other people has never been easier. **

 * This particular feature is only available during drops. In order to avoid our users to install an update come drop time. Ideal add-to-cart method is chosen by our server.

 ** Once your task has been completed, you can right click on it and generate a code that another person can run in the browser console. Once this has been done, the person will have access to the cart in his browser.

Why buy this bot:

All you have to do is start the bot, the rest is done by us. Add to cart, auto checkout, and many fallbacks to ensure there are no failures. We cop the most limited drops with the highest rates of success.

We offer the most successful Adidas program on the market, period.


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